Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Advocare Update

I have not been able to update this for a while due to our awesome internet connection!  Sorry!  I have had a lot of questions about the diet and workout program I have followed.  Here is the information and tips that I have done for the last 8 months! 

I started in June with the Advocare 24 day challenge and was very strict about following the eating guidlines.  I didn't eat any dairy other than the plain greek yogurt that is allowed, I also had no sugar and flour for the first two months.  I started working out three times a week for at least 20 minutes in July and when I added flour back in it was only whole wheat, almond, or oat flour!  NO WHITE FLOUR OR WHITE SUGAR!  I also used agave as a sweetener or Stevia.  (yes i know about the debate on agave and how it contains high fructose sugar, i still like it in moderation since it doesn't spike bloode sugar levels)  I have a page on Pinterest that I have saved the recipes I have made and liked and one with recipes to try.  I will share those below.  For the Advocare Recipes page remember I have not made these or changed ingredients to make sure they coform to Advocare. 

After 4.5 months I lost 13 pounds, and went from a tight size 6 to a loose size 4.  I started at 130 lbs and got down to 117.  I was not extremely overweight to begin with but am ecstatic with the results.  I am not only smaller than I ever remember being but I feel wonderful and the cravings have subsided!

After October I travelled a lot and with the Holidays around I tried to stay on my diet 80-90% of the time, I also lacked in the workout dept! The good news is I stayed around 120 and have gotten back on track. 


make salads ahead of time in mason jars (see previous post on this)
plan!  always have nuts on hand and celery or carrot sticks to munch on
have hard boiled eggs in fridge always
make a few protein balls to put in freezer for when you have a sweet tooth! (I like the cookie dough balls and date sweetened chocolate coconut balls)
Drink a lot of water
keep some lime, lemon, or orange slices in freezer to add flavor to water when it gets boring!
When you want a side dish make brown rice or quinoa
Make oatmeal in jar like salads so on the mornings you are in a hurry it is ready!
Use plain greek yogurt as sour cream, and in baking and for making cream sauces
if you drink milk make it 1% and limit it
Use plain unsweetened almond milk in recipes



please feel free to ask questions :)

March 2012
May 2012

June after first 24 day challenge

August 2012 after maintaining eating clean and working out
with my stud dad that started Advocare in Jan 2012 and looks amazing