Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Organizing Stuff

Love looking on pinterest and seeing all these ideas for organizing.  So here are a few that I did.

hung up my measuring cups and spoons behind my mixer

hung the extra cups on the door

added a bar to raise some of the spices

took old spice rack and hung in bathroom

Shell Flower wall hanging

I made this paper last june and it has been sitting in my closet since that time.  A few weeks ago my mom was here and I sent her and lilly to the end of the road to get shells, and moss.  These are the wall hangings we made.  All we did was use stuff from the yard and the hot glue gun.  I have added two of these to my bathroom that I am doing in an ocean/beach theme.  We did the bottom one on a piece of driftwood and used sand dollars for the flower.  Sometimes living on the ocean in alaska is helpful :)

Vinyl signs and plate

I made this plate to donate for a whalefest they had here a few weeks ago.

I made this one for my mom and dad

this one for a friend

hung this outside

lilly picked the colors and helped line up the words, let's just say it has charm :)

Vinyl Decorated Cups

I ordered these cups off of amazon and love them because the lids screw on and the straws don't come out!  They are perfect for the kids to drink their fruit smoothies out of.  So we decided to decorate them with some outdoor vinyl.  Lilly picked the colors and shapes and helped stick on the stickers!

Vinyl for Van and Truck

My father is retiring this june and has decided to be a handyman and actually get paid for it.  So I offered to do the lettering for his vehicles with my Cricut.  I had my friend that owns the silhouette cameo cut out the logo since my Cricut won't do that, and I think it turned out pretty good, and a hell of a lot cheaper then him having to pay for somebody to do it.  I ordered the vinyl from expressions vinyl and it was cheap!  

Fish Branch Art

I saw a picture on pinterest of butterflies or so I thought, they are actually origami cranes on a branch and thought we should do it with fish for our bathroom remodel that I am doing.  We went in the yard and grabbed a branch.  Then I cut out all the fish with the Cricut from the wildlife cartridge.  Then my daughter and I hot glued them all on a branch, I have to say it turned out pretty cool and I may make one with butterflies for her room.  it was fun, easy and cheap!

Watercolor Silhouette

I love silhouette's and have been playing around with them a little bit lately.  My friend showed me how to make a silhouette from any pic on my mac using pages, so I have been trying it out.  She cut this one out of the black vinyl for me on her silhouette Cameo, since my cricut won't cut shapes from my computer.  I watercolored a piece of paper with my daughter then thought I would see what it would look like if I used the outline of her over it, and I love it!  I had the frame laying around and it fit, so I put it in it and hung it on her wall.  I may add her name and age in vinyl on the mat, but for now it is done.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vinyl on Photos

Here are two of the projects I did recently

I took pictures and mod podged them to a canvas, then cut out vinyl letters and stuck them on the pictures.

Cards with the Cricut

Here are a few of the cards I have made using the cricut!  
lilly painted this and then I slapped on some vinyl words
used the paper we made with shaving cream for this one

Spring Summer Wreath

Started this wreath a while ago but it took a little time to do.
used the pipe insulation again as the base

wrapped it all in this green material

wrapped it all in the fuzzy green knitting yarn I had laying around

cut flowers with the cricut

used pins to attach flowers and set the silly sheep lilly made on it, I plan on adding to it when I feel like it

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Driftwood Creations and Plate organizer

Found this cool piece of driftwood and made it into a jewelry holder

took this piece of driftwood and pinned ribbon to it for our hair bows and clips

glued these plates together to make a stand for crap in the bathroom