Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Recovering Old Chairs

Ever since I can remember my grandma has been sewing.  She has made us outfits that we have designed, fur hats, recovered furniture, prom dresses, and wedding dresses.  So when she came to visit in June I had a project ready for her.  I had bought 3 old chairs at garage sales and picked out a fun piece of material.  She finished all three of them in 3 days.  It was cool that she could do this for me, but it meant a lot more than getting a few new chairs.  I will always have the memory of her sitting at the table sewing the covers and helping me add color to the living room.  She is an amazing woman and I am so proud and lucky to have her as my grandma!

my grandma finishing the last section of the chair pad
I will always remember these hands sewing everything from chair cushions, to fur hats, to wedding dresses

I wanted to capture this because it brings back so many memories

I bought two of these for $45 at a garage sale

I bought this one for $10 at a garage sale

I think it turned out pretty cute

This one is my favorite, I can't wait to put them in my living room

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